The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2002-08-21 17:56:33 (UTC)

Pencil Rain

The possible dream
Finally of scenes
The moment that some call eterenal
That some call insane
Now helemts on each head
Awaiting the first lead
The pagent is named
The pencil rain

The infantry stands
And holds out its hands
The marshalls binoculars focus
And skyward they train
Theyre searching the yonder blue
They look out for number two
The heraldry of
The pencil rain

And now hear the roar
That none can ignore
The thudnerous clatter
Of splintering wood
And lives that are claimed
And none that have witnessed all
Can speak of a nobler cause
Then perishing in
The pencil rain
The pencil rain
The pencil rain
The pencil rain
-They Might Be Giants-

Uggh. Today is just an uggh day. I had to close last
night and I had only been scheduled till 7:30. Dish room
blows. And tonight I get to close broiler. Hooray. I went
driving and its just like blah okay. I need to work on
turns and parking. Weee. I miss my friends. I only get
to talk to will anymore. Hes really like my only friend.
We watched slc punk together last night. Thats such a good
movie. He left at like 1 and we just stood outside in the
cold talking for like 10 minutes but it was cool. Yeah Im
getting used to this whole go to sleep wake up in the same
day thing. I start college soon and thats kinda scary.
*shrugs* Why do all the hot girls have to be 16? Like
thers this really cool chick at work but shes 16. I know
trika was 16 but thats diffrent. Yeah anyhoo I miss
talking with people. You could say Im the happiest Ive
ever been, but Im also the loneliest Ive ever been. Woo
Hoo. I forgot I turned my radio on and it spit out my tmbg
cd. *HUGE GRIN* I was happy about that. It sucks to be
alone. Oh well, what ya gonna do? Well Im gonna go for