This is me
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2002-08-21 17:22:41 (UTC)

8-21-02 Another Day

Well...Where do i begin. To tell you the truth i've
always been a keep to myself type of person so i dont know
why i'm writting this journal online and allowing other ppl
to read it...but i guess you have to do something not you
every once in awhile...right? I woke up this morning a lil
before 7 to go to swim practice which wasnt the best
practice and it was dissapointing to me but i have practice
again at 5 today so i'll make up for it there. I also have
to go find patterns for hoodies for the swim team today
which should be oh such great fun! (I was being sarcastic
about that in case you didnt get it) School starts in less
then a week...oh yeah! Actually i'm really not to
dissapointed about it starting its going to be a great
year...I just know it. Besides what could go wrong?