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2001-07-15 12:43:58 (UTC)

*The Visit*

Today my aunt and cousin left to go back to Maine but their
coming back in October which is ok i guess because we went
shopping everyday that they were here! After they left i
mowed the lawn, and omg Teddy was over The Plamers house
and doesnt have black hair n e more! he looked so hot! and
of course i was outside mowing the lawn all sweaty! When i
was finished mowing the lawn i made plans with dave, he was
gunna come over and watch a movie and just hang out with
me. Then he like called me from homedepo saying that he
would be home in 20 minutes, then 2 hours later he came
online. But i wasnt mad because Kelly came over and i got a
visit from Mr. Bueatiful!!!!!!!!!!!! *Matt Pegoraro* and 3
of his friends drove down my street to come see me!!!! hes
soooooo hot!!!! Then he called me last night!!! but my
parents had just got home so i couldnt talk to him. I think
he's going to call me tomorrow!! o wait theres more, i was
talking to him online and he asked if i wanted to go to the
movies tomorrow! i know hes not into me he likes my best
friend danielle but i can still have fun!!! right?

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