Meshed Up
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2002-08-21 15:22:35 (UTC)


life has been pretty surreal and exciting. aside from the
fact that i have to skip class tomorrow and stay home to
wait for the furniture to arrive because they can't deliver
it any other time or else i have to pay another bloody
delivery fee, i am having fun.

so much for work. it's past 1am and i still haven't
finished what i'm supposed to finish. i suppose i haven't
been thinking that much lately. just been...going with the

sensed jealousy tonight. and competition. and perhaps,

i heard today that i'm a terrible person. i suppose i am. i
mean, maybe i should be a fuck head. maybe i should just
not care about others.

such shallow entries. what is going on with me? must be
because of that silly girl with her hugs and kisses. yeesh.
so disgusting.