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2002-08-21 14:08:14 (UTC)


It was midnight when the plane landed.

Although it was technically twelve hours since she boarded
the plan, the magic of time zones had her up for less time
than that, so Joanie was still pretty much awake, being
only 4 O'clock in the afternoon for her. She went through
the cattle shoot, herded like so many farm animals, gently
guided to where she was supposed to be by a series of
corridors, ropes, and friendly looking people, in friendly
looking uniforms, carry very unfriendly looking side arms,
but in the past year, North America has made a rather
strong presence in airport security.

Finally getting out of the throngs of people into the
spacious area of revolving luggage racks, trying to find
the two pieces she needed to complete her assemble. As the
multitude of luggage's came rolling out the little door,
showing itself to all the prospective people, then
following the catwalk back behind the curtain, only to
appear moments later to do it all over again, until
everyone had a mate for the night.

"Like being at a bar," she commented to the woman beside

"Come again?" the woman said.

"The luggage. It's like being in a bar. You come out,
parade around a bit, see if anyone wants you, then go back
to your table until someone new comes in, then do it all
over again until someone takes you home."

"Never saw it like that, you're funny." the woman said,
before picking up a cloth luggage set with a floral print,
dumped them onto a cart, and left.

Joanie saw her luggage and placed it onto a cart to haul
out to the parking lot. She got into a waiting cab, gave
him the name of her hotel, and laid back to rest her eyes.
It was a long drive from the airport on the outskirts of
town, to the hotel in the far west end of the city, but she
used that time to rest, and to think about why she was
halfway around the world. She thought about the lecture,
and the meetings, and she thought about him.

Mostly, she thought about him.

She pulled up to the hotel by one o'clock, checked in, and
went to her room. Now came the hard part. Now she had to
adjust to the new time zone. It's dinnertime for her, not
bedtime, but in the morning, she would have to be awake,
and so she ordered a small meal, and a carafe of wine. She
unpacked, her notes all ready, her briefcase, she picked
out the clothes she was planning on wearing, and a smile
played across her face as she picked up the deep red bra
and panties. There was only one reason she brought these.
Him. What if she wore them, and then nothing? What if she
didn't wear them, and they did? What was he expecting?
What was she expecting? What was she expecting him to
expect? Was this all a mistake? She wanted this lecture,
but did she want the lecture because of the exposure, or
because HE was here? If he had not set it up, would she
ever have come here? So many questions, so many
possibilities. She was here for two days, was she
expecting something tomorrow? Was she expecting something
Sunday? Was she expecting anything at all? She put the
lingerie on the hanger with her outfit. If she was going
to do this, she was going to do this, and that was all.
Then came the knock.

"Room Service." a voice called, and she opened the door.
The man wheeled in a cart, and presented her with the
bill. Joanie signed it, tipped the man, and he left. The
meal was nice. A hardy sandwich, and a salad, and a glass
of wine. When she finished, she was ready to relax.
Joanie ran a bath in the large hottub shaped like a
volcano, and slowly undressed herself. She closed her eyes
as she slid her stockings down along her legs, feeling her
hands along every muscle, imagining they were his hands,
slowly sliding the soft nylon down over her thighs, over
the bend in her knee, along her calf. She could feel him
sliding the stocking over her toes and could almost imagine
his fingers as they lightly caressed her toes. His hands
would then reach up under her skirt, feeling foe the edge
of the panties as she hooked her fingers under the waist
band, and felt him slowly slide them down over her buttock,
feeling the elastic tickle the fine hairs as they slid
down, down, his hands on her thighs, her calves, over one
foot, then the other. She imagines his nimble fingers
undoing the button on her skirt, felt his hands slide the
zipper down, could feel the heat from his body as the skirt
slid down her legs to the floor. His hands were strong as
she undid the buttons on her blouse. She could feel his
fingers pressing against her breasts as she undid each
button, her breathing ragged as she allowed herself to
experience his touch, as her hands slowly moved down her
shirt. She pulled the shirt open, feeling the solk flow
over her shoulders and down her back to the floor. Her
fingers undid the clasp to the back of her bra, and
released her to the night air. She turned off the water,
and slid softly into the hot water, a glass of wine in her
hand, she laid back, closed her eyes, and thought about him.

The wine was strong in her head, relaxing her body, mixing
with the warm water to sooth her, and her eyes closed
slightly as she gave herself to the experience. In the
back of her mind, she could almost hear the water stirring,
as if someone was stepping into the tub, sliding up next to
her, caressing her breasts as they bobbed in the warm
waters of her oasis. He was there. In her mind, in her
tub, caressing her. She could feel his lips on hers, and
his hands stroked her face, brushing errant hairs from her
face, to loop them back around her ear, then he ran his
fingers along her jaw to her chin, lifting her head,
covering her mouth with his, and she opened her mouth to
take him in. His tongue touched hers, probed gently along
the edges of her teeth, and caressed her tongue as their
lips massaged each other in gentle waves. She could feel
herself taking his hand in hers, and sliding it down along
her body, caressing her nipples, massaging her breasts,
moving down, fingernails raking softly at the skin along
her belly, sliding his hand between her legs, touching,
caressing, probing, as her breathing became ragged, sharp,
and she gasped as she sat up in the tub, the glass of wine
in her hand spilling into the tub.

"Well, my dear," she said to herself, " I think it is time
we went to bed."

She stepped out of the tub, and toweled herself off. Ever
pat of the towel, ever touch, was electric as her body
tingled with just the mere thought of him. She looked over
to the clothes she had lain out, and smiled.

The morning broke through the curtains, heralding a new
day. Joanie awoke, showered, and dressed. She checked her
daytimer for her schedule. She was to meet the curator of
the Science Museum at nine. They would go over everything
one last time, which was just a formality, really, since
they had been planning this for the past month, she would
give her lecture, there would then be a question and answer
period, followed by a small tour, then a dinner in her
honour. She was allowed an escort, which she made sure was
written into the contract, and she had her escort all
planned. Now, she had to call.

The phone rang in the little two-bedroom apartment. He
looked at it. Knowing. Not sure, but somehow knowing. It
rang once, and he stared at it, his eyes focusing. Two
rings. The name came up on the call display. It was her.
Who else would be calling from the hotel at eight in the
morning? He reached for it as the third ring screamed back
at him. If he didn't pick it up now, the voicemail would
get it, and he might never hear from her again. "Hello?"

"What are you doing tonight?" the soft, Aussie twang came
through the phone.

How do you answer a question like that? he wondered. He
knows who it is. He knows what she wants, and why she is
asking. He has wanted her to ask that question for three
years. He knew what his answer would be. He has given
that answer a thousand time, but she was never actually
here to ask the question. Now that she is, now that it is
real, now that everything they have wanted was within
reach, now he wonders, and thinks, and ponders, and finally
says, "I was thinking of having dinner with a beautiful
woman, but if you have a better offer?" and the corners of
his mouth curled in a smile, and from twenty miles away,
she smiled back.

"I was thinking that I am stuck in a far off land, in a
room full of strangers, and hoped that there might be
someone in this place who make me feel good tonight. Can
you make me feel good?"

"My dear, you will feel like you are in heaven tonight. I
promise. See you at seven?"

"Make it six, my room, so we can talk before the dinner."

There was a click that echoed in his mind as she hung up
the phone. She is here. It is happening. Everything we
have wanted for three years is about to come true. Oh god,
I'm gonna be sick.

Rick stood in his room, his heart pounding. He looked in
the mirror. Sure, she has seen pictures, but she has never
seen him. Maybe she imagines me taller, he thought. Maybe
I am a little rounder than she thinks, or maybe, and he
looked down. He held it in his hands. It was big, and
getting bigger as the thoughts of her filled his mind. Is
she expecting something else? Is she expecting this at
all? What does she want? What do I want? Where will this
go after she leaves? Should we start something we may
never finish, or grab the one chance at happiness we have
always wanted, and then go our ways, knowing that if we
never meet again, we will have had that one night, and it
will live with us forever? He could feel her presence. He
could feel her in front of him, whispering in his ear.

"You are perfect." she says, "You are everything I have
ever wanted." Her breath was hot on his ear, and he could
feel her hands wrap themselves around his member, holding
it, caressing it. He could feel her body against his. The
full curve of her breasts pressed against his chest, her
hot mouth locked around his, her hands massaging him, her
tongue exploring him. His arms were around her, pulling
her closer into him. His mouth covered hers, and his arms
wrapped themselves around the tight body, pulling her
closer into him. Pulling him closer into her. He could
feel himself enter her, feel her hot, moist body envelope
him, feel the pulsing of their bodies, the beating of their
hearts, the rhythm of their souls as he thrust deeper into
her, harder, faster, harder, deeper, pulsating, his heart
beating, his mind blank with the searing white light as he
exploded into her before all his energy spent and he
collapsed back onto his bed, the moist, sticky fluid
dripping slightly down his legs, his body cold in the
morning air as it washed over his sweating body.

Rick got his clothes ready, picking the olive coloured
baggy pants with the button fly, a mustard coloured striped
shirt, and the tight grey, underwear. "Tie?, I think so.
The dinner is probably a little formal, not necessarily
black tie, but definitely more than jeans and t-shirt." So
he took out a green tie, and his sport coat. Once he had
his wardrobe picked out, he went to take a shower. The
water was warm on his skin. It tingled as it pelted him.
Arcing backwards, he could feel the watercourse through his
hair, flowing over him, surrounding him. The soap was
slick in his hands, sliding over his body, up around his
neck, down his chest, tracing his legs, following the cut
of his muscles, back up to circle the firm cheeks of his
buttocks. The sensation was exquisite. He could feel her
hands on him, following the soap, tracing the sides of his
chest, moving down to his waist, following the delta down
between his legs, then coming up between hem, holding his
shaft, the soap lathering along the stalk, to the purple
head, flicking along the crack, then back down again, then
up, and down, slowly, softly, massaging the shaft with
tenderness. he could feel his legs stiffen, his back
arcing one hand pressed against the wall for support as his
could feel the rising tide of pressure finally release
itself into the shower. His body jerked as the spurting
drained him of his energy. he rinsed off the soap, the
water occasionally hitting the tip of his erection, sending
shivers through his body before he turned the taps, and
shut off the flow. Rick toweled off, his heart still
pounding in his chest, then dressed, and left for the

The conference was quite fascinating. Gears, levers,
ratios, all explained through the use of a toy, in a way
that was understandable by the young, and yet equally as
fascinating to the adults. Newtonian Mechanics was never
this interesting school... but then in school, his physic's
teacher didn't wear skirts, or have long blonde hair, or
that cute Australian accent, or be just so damn adorable.
The lecture ran a good 90 minutes, long enough to be
thorough, but not too long for a group of people who grew
up on video games. After the lecture was about 30 minutes
of questions and answers, then the show was over. The
curator then took Joanie on a tour of the facility, showing
all the various aspects of the sciences that they dealt
with. The IMAX screen the planetarium, all the wonders of
the world, explored in this tiny little building. Joanie
never looked at her watch, that would be rude, but she took
every opportunity to seek out a wall clock, or a desk clock
or anything that would let her know how much longer she
would be here. It was not that she was bored. To be quite
frank, she was fascinated by this place. Nestled so far
north, so apparently away from the mainstream world (an
understandable deception) she was amazed at how advanced
they actually were. It is like their isolation made them
more desirous to be connected to the world. No, her reason
fro watching the clock was the 8:00 dinner, and the two
hours before then. The tour lasted about 30 minutes, then
they went for lunch. Joanie found the curators to be quite
pleasant, intelligent, and as interested in her as she was
in them. After lunch, she bid them farewell, acknowledged
their reminder of the dinner that night, and made her way
back to her hotel to rest.

Joanie was feeling better, but the jetlag, and the meetings
and the conferences were taking their toll, and she needed
to rest. She lay on her back, still wearing the clothes
from the morning, and stared up at the ceiling, wondering
what he was doing now, and where he qwas now, and when will
it be time to go, and pretty soon she was lost in her own
dreams. The night crept in on her as she slept, and the
faint pounding that roused her from her sleep set her heart

"Crikey!" she muttered, as she ran to the door and found
him standing there. She threw her arms around him, pulling
him into the room, stunned by the sudden aggression. "I
thought I slept through everything. How long have you been

"Not long," he said, as he kissed her softly on the mouth,
and she shivered as his lips touched hers.

His arms slid around her thin waist, drawing her closer to
him, and his kiss was fire on her mouth. She could feel
his desire through her skirt; through the pants he was
wearing, hot, strong, almost pushing itself through to
complete their union on its own. His hands moved up her
back, pulling her chest to him, he breasts squeezed tight
to his body, as if they were trying to be one person.
Joanie pried her hands down between them, trying to undo
his pants. As they parted, Joanie frantically pulled the
belt open, and worked the buttons on the pants while Rick
began to unbutton her blouse. Their fingers were a blur as
they began to undress each other, pulling shirts over arms,
and kicking off shoes until the room was covered in flung
apparel and they pushed each other to the bed. Their
lovemaking was violent, yet tender. Forceful, and
reserved, each time they came to to a climax, they held
back, stopped, caught their breaths, not because they were
tired, but because they needed to prolong the experience.
They could not rush into this, could not finish it that
soon, it would not be right, it would not be fair, so they
held back, as much as they could, as long as they could,
but when they came, the heat that washed over them, the
energy spent, was like a sirocco, scorching their desire
into them, and they collapsed onto the bed, and fell asleep
in each others arms.

Joanie awoke to the phone ringing. It was still daylight,
and she was still dressed, and still alone.

"'ello?" she said.

"Front Desk Ma'am." came the cheery voice, "Someone here to
see you."

Joanie looked at the clock on the nightstand, it was
5:50pm. It was him.

"Send him up, please, she said, and hung up the phone.

She opened the door almost as soon as he had
knocked. "Come in Rick, come in." she was scared.
Excited, scared, nervous, happy, she could barely think.
He was here. Four years, and now he was here.

Rick entered the room, and closed the door behind him. The
loud thud as the door sealed them in echoed in his mind.

The room was lit by a small table lamp, and the light
streaming in through the window. He walked closer to her,
and she did not back away. He knew what he wanted to do,
right here, right now, and she knew. This meeting has been
discussed over and over for the last four years. The very
first thing they would do was kiss. That was it. Just a
kiss. Nothing to hard, just two friends getting together.
A nice friendly kiss that...

Her lips were soft and warm as she closed her mouth over
his. Her slender hands cupped his cheeks and held him in
that loving embrace for the rest of his life. He could
feel his hands wrap themselves around her waist and hold
her tightly against him as he returned the kiss. As the
eternity passed, and she lowered herself back to the floor,
pulling slowly away from him, but never pulling her gaze
away from his eyes, both of them felt their breath return,
but their hearts were pounding so loud it was deafening.

"Can I get you something to drink?" Joan asked.

Rick stared at her for a second, blinked once, maybe twice,
then ripped open her shirt, exposing her body to his gaze
as she threw herself at him.

"You have any tea?" he asked, his mind coming back to the
now. She smiled at him.

"I think I can make a cuppa for the two of us."

They sat in the hotel chairs, she was cross-legged and
barefoot, he in stocking feet with a small hole in over the
big toe. She couldn't help but smile. So smart, so
charming, so gorgeous, and yet that one simple little flaw
made him seem more human, and yet, strangely, more perfect,
like he was not trying to impress her. Rick saw her look
at his feet, and he tucked them under the chair.

They talked for a few minutes, about the flight, the day,
how he looked in on her at the seminar, and how she seemed
to know he was there, even though she didn't see him,
sitting in the back, when she looked at the clock and
realized she has thirty minutes to get changed.

"Excuse me a moment dear." she said, and went into the
bathroom. She pushed the door closed, but it did not
catch, and slowly opened slightly. Not much, but enough to
allow Rick a clear view of the room, and he could see her
slowly slipping off her skirt, unbuttoning her blouse. She
was looking in the mirror as she did so, and Rick could see
her, and if he could see her, she could see that he could
see her, and yet, she did not seem to mind. Rick saw the
deep red bra and panties as she slid into her long, black
evening gown. She came out, turned her back to him, "zip
me up dear?" she asked.

Rick slid the zipper up under her long blonde hair, then
kissed her softly on the back of the neck.

"Ready?" he asked.

"About as ready as I will ever be." and they left for the

Dinner was an interesting affair. Rick sat at Joan's
right, the curator to her left, and various dignitaries and
their spouses down the side. Conversation was intriguing.
Not overly political, or opinionated, but enough to spark
discussion, without a fight. She was more amazed at the
way Rick handled himself. He was smart. She knew he was
smart, but she also knew he had no formal education in ANY
of the topics they were discussing, and yet, through pure
deft of skill, he managed to not only learn enough to hold
his own, actually sounded like he knew more than he
actually did. As long as you are complimenting someone,
they seldom notice that you aren't actually answering their
questions. The evening was going along quite nice, but it
was getting late, and Joanie was really looking forward to
going back to her hotel room. As she sat there, listening
to the people, she could feel Rick's hand on her leg,
softly stroking her thigh, cupping her knee, then back up
along her leg. He stroked her like this for a few seconds
before she realized that every time he moved back up along
her leg, he was holding a bit of her dress, and now, her
thigh was exposed to his warm hands as he slid up along her
leg, between her legs, feeling under the tight red lace of
her panties to fondle her. She squirmed a bit in her
chair, and the curator asked if she was alrigt.

"Lovely," she said, trying to hide the slight gasp in her
breath, "I, just have to, excuse me a moment won't you?"
and she rose from the table. As she stood and walked to
the hall, Rick excused himself.

"I should check on her, probably nothing." and he left as
well. He entered the hallway, and saw Joanie standing by
the restroom. He moved toward her, and as he approached,
asked if she was alright. She then took his hand, and
backed herself into the ladies washroom. Whether she knew
it was empty before he got there, he did not know, nor did
he really care, all he knew was that he was now in the
restroom with her. She locked the door behind them and
began to undo his pants. She pulled down his zipper, and
almost yanked his pants off him before reaching up under
her dress and slipping off her panties, then lifting her
dress up, she positioned herself over him, feeling him
slide into her, deeply into her, and she rocked up and down
over him, Rick, helping as they writhed against the door,
Joan sliding up and Rick thrusting deep, fast, their bodies
in perfect unison as they finally came in a searing flash
of heat.

Joanie opened her eyes as Rick's hand rested on her leg.

"So, what do you think Ms. Bishop?" the curator asked.

"I think," She said, "that it has been a long day, and the
time zones are catching up with me. I thank you all for
your hospitality, and I will see you tomorrow before I
leave, but I would like to retire now."

"You are so right Ms. Bishop, it late, and you have been
most gracious company."

When Rick and Joanie entered he room, it was dark, and
cool. Joanie flung her arms around Rick's neck, kissing
him passionately as his arms wrapped around her waist.

"This has been the most marvelous weekend I have ever had!"
she screamed as they spun around the room, holding each

"I am glad that you have been having a wonderful time. I
was so nervous that you would not enjoy it here."

"How can I not enjoy it. This is what we have been waiting
for, hoping for, for so long." Joanie stood back, and
looked at the dashing young man she had waited these many
years to finally meet. Her heart was beating fast, her
skin tingled, and she knew what she wanted to do, but was
still quite afraid to do it, then, she reached behind her,
slid down the zipper on her dress, and shook it off her
shoulders, allowing the dark fabric to flow about her body,
hug her hips, and slide down her legs to the floor. She
stepped out of the dress, bra and panties the only thing
keeping her from him, and walked toward Rick.

Rick wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her into
him, and kissed her softly on the mouth.. His hands cupped
her buttocks, feeling her body pressed into his, moved his
hands along the curve of her back, her soft hair flowing
over his knuckles as he undid the strap of her bra. His
hands continued up her back, under her hair, to hold her
head in his hands as they kissed.

The kiss was long, and it was soft, and it tasted good.
Rick did not want to stop, and Joanie seemed to be making
no motions to quit either, but eventually, they knew the
kiss had to stop. Joanie pulled back a bit as they
finished, the straps of her bra falling over her
shoulders. She removed Rick's coat, the action allowing
her bra to fall to the ground, and proceeded to unbutton
his shirt. She ran her hands over his smooth chest,
feeling the soft, warm skin, down along her belly until she
reached his pants, and began to undo the belt, the buttons,
the zipper, pulling down both his pants, and his underwear,
exposing him to her. He was already excited, and she
sucked slightly at his manhood as he stepped back out of
his pants and shoes, leaving him standing before her in his

Joanie rose, and Rick kissed her neck, shoulders, down
along her body until he kneeled before her, his fingers
hooking themselves under her panties, pulling them slowly
down her legs, his tongue flickering inside her, as she
stepped forward out of the lace.

Joanie held his head close as he licked her, his tongue
exploring her insides, his hands grasping her cheeks,
strong fingers plying her flesh until her knees began to
weaken. She stepped back, and Rick rose, slipped off his
socks, and walked toward her. Joanie took his hand and
lead him to the large tub. Sitting on the edge, she
started to water flowing, and pulled him closer to her, to
sit on the edge with her, both of them looking down into
the water that was pooling beneath them. They kissed
again. Their lips hungered for each other, and they longed
to be part of each other. They dripped their hands into
the water, slowly stirring the warmth beneath them. Joanie
swung her legs over, and slid down into the water. Her
body sinking slowly into the deep, bending under the waves,
her breasts like little pink buds floating on the surface
before they, too, sank into the warm water. Rick swung his
legs over as well, sliding down into the depths, and
snuggled close beside the woman he loved.

Rick's arm slid behind Joanie, pulling her closer to him,
holding her, as they continued to kiss. Joanie's hand
massaged the hard appendage lurking beneath the waters even
as Rick fingered her gently, her wetness mixing with the
water. They splashed, they laughed, the held each other
and talked about all the times they have imagined this, and
the times they wanted so much to see this happen, to be
with each other like this, completely, and yet, for all the
fondling they did, despite the fact that by the time they
stepped out of the tub, they had explored every possible
part of each other, that they knew each other deeper and
more intimately than they have known anyone in their lives,
the one act that they could never bring themselves to do
was to actually engage in intercourse. It was almost as if
that one single act would have betrayed everything. It
would have taken them to that step that neither was quite
yet willing to cross. Petting, and fondling, and kissing
was something they enjoyed, but could still walk away with,
and keep the memory of how much they loved each other, but
that one solitary act, they could not walk away from. They
could not go home, and not be with that person, once they
have been with that person, it was not a line they were yet
willing to cross, not when an ocean, and half a world
separated them.

The morning sun shone through the window, casting a glimmer
of the new day about the room. Rick and Joanie were still
asleep in each other's arms, but the warmth of the day, and
the light of a new tomorrow, brought them from their
slumber. They kissed each other good morning, and anyone
would have thought these two had loved each other more than
anything else in the world, and they would be right. They
rose, they showered, they ordered breakfast, together, as a
couple, but she was going home now, and he was sad, and she
was sad, but neither wanted to be sad in the presence of
the other. Neither wanted to the last look they would
share to be that of regret, but instead, one of hope, and
of love, and of the possibilities to come.

They went downstairs, checked out, and went home.