A Princess
2001-07-15 09:54:23 (UTC)


Hello!!!Todays going gooooooood probs cos its da morning and
Im happy,lol..SHOPPING...Hopefully, mmmmmm food soon, my
parents have gone food shopping, chocolate, chocolate,YUM!
Wallpaper shopping hopefully, gotta go get that, well my dad
says no, my mum says yeah so its most likely a yeah :) I
want to go to ikea! I so badly need a full length mirror,
yeah I know :( Tragic and I need a new carpet now, the old
one reminds me of squished beetle stuff...Oooh & I need some
cases for my beanies,hehe yup I do have beanies and I am
so damn proud, so dont even go there fly ;) I collect
beanie bears aw there so cute, hmmm what one reminds me of
chris...spangles,hehehe & now for fly...Fuzz, awww (itz a
really cute soft one) hehe...Anywayz ryan comes home
2moro...ahhhh, na free perfume, better be good stuff... my
hair is such a mess, but now I think whats the point of
doing it theres no reason anymore :( Joke,lol not like chris
could see my hair n e way...I have to go some chores well
chore, ahhh gotta go put the lamb on, yup I cook, clean and
still look good ;)
Cya for my PM (aka evening,lol) entry Dude,