The Dark Corner
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2001-07-15 09:18:44 (UTC)

1st post

Hmm... first post, what to say... Well i made this stupid
thing to express my feelings and such i guess. Yeah, im
all depressed and stuff and its 5:15 am, yay. I cant
sleep, so i figured hell, might as well make use of my
time. I dunno.... i guess the main reason im depressed is
because i miss talking to the girl i love. She doesnt know
how much it means to me to be able to talk to her. We
havent been talking much lately, but thats mainly cuz she's
not on much and when she is on im all blah and dunno what
to say i guess. Well nuff of the 1st entry, im gonna
attempt to go to bed, later peeps.