Pure, White and Cold
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2001-07-15 07:15:55 (UTC)

The Dawning of a New Day

sigh, this was my pathetic attempt at writing a new entry
every week...

It's been... almost a month, I think. So much happened....
but I can't be bothered to write it all down!!!

I have found my delight in this manga series I read at my
friend's place. Rurouni Kenshin! I love his eyes. They're
so cool, and when he's normal, they're really big and when
he's "evil" they're like narrow slits. Kenshin is cool.

I got my paws on Peril's Gate the other day (about a week
ago). Oh.... sooooo gooood. I was reading it extra slowly
hoping to make the pages not end. Didn't work but.... soooo
goooood. Has a very fast pace and everything happens so
suddenly. I mean, I didn't really expect ****** to die. And
I didn't think that ******** would visit Elaira. But I
kinda knew that ****** would get his hands messy again. I
like how the reader got some insight into Arithon's
childhood. How kawaii! He is sooo cute when he's a kid (pat

I've changed the wallpaper on my computer. Before it was
black with this boring (but funny) photo with the caption:

the tallest blade of grass is first to be cut by the

OK, that was a paraphrase, but that's what it meant. Now I
have a picture of Kaoru from Rurouni Kenshin on my right
and some eerie looking purple-blue-green mist. On the left
side its black. Kinda dull but you know how the little
desktop icons have the little writing underneath in black
boxes? I don't like having black boxes covering half of my

My brothers are on a camp. Its the holidays right now
incase I haven't mentioned. I've been getting up at two in
the afternoon. Freaky, yeah.

I'm a bit pissed off about this movie Final Fantasy. Yeah,
the new one coming out. I'm not agaisnt the movie (looks
pretty cool actually) its just that now people are going to
go around saying "yeah, I'm Final Fantasy's BIGGEST fan"
and when you ask them "oh, so Final Fantasy 3/6 was really
good wasn't it?" and they say: "Huh? Final Fantasy 3/6?
What's that? They've made a sequal already?" It pisses me
off!!!! It's not fair!!! I mean, there are people who've
been loyal to Sqauresoft throughout FinalFantasy1 now have
to put up with these "hitchhikers"!! Its just bloody not
fair! I have friends who think they're the know-it-all on
everything Final Fantasy but they don't know s**t about the
games! I hate those bastards! My brother agrees with me.

Anyway, currently listerning to:

Rurouni Kenshin - Heart of Sword
Castlevania SotN - Nocturne
Magic Knight Rayearth - Yuzurenai Negai (Unchanging Wish)
Card Captor Sakura - Look at Me
Tokyo Babylon - Love is Cash
Tokyo Babylon - Motor Drive
And a mp3 I found on the computer, I don't where it's
WeiB Kreuz - Beautiful Alone

So you noticed, they're all anime mp3's. Except the
Castlevania one. And the WeiB Kreuz one. I haven't heard of
this WeiB Kreuz thingy so I'm assuming its a band of some
sort. Maybe I should find out on the internet.
Also, all of them are in Japanese.

I'm still in this Daughter of the Empire/Servant of the
Empire/Mistress of the Empire/WHATEVER fixation. How can I
not? Anyone who's read this would agree with me, it's one
the best fantasy series ever written. Well, the first one
was anyway. And I love the way the characters were written.
Especially Arakasi, no? :)
Still waiting for the a****** at school to return the first
one so I can get my friend, Nadia to read it. We made a
deal, she reads Daughter of the Empire and I... sigh...
have to read the first Wheel of Time book. Oh, man, the
things I do to promote _good_ authors.

I have used up all my pages in my scribble artbook.
Actually, it's my math book. I always draw better in math
than in any other subject. My theory is that the atmosphere
created in math is different than all the other subjects
and my mind is affected differently and starts to drift.
Drawing is an anchor. Maybe one day when I get a website or
something I'll scan in all my pictures and put them up. Or
I could get Nadia to do it for me.... nah. If she asks.

I've done all these scribbles on the Fellowship of Seven.
Weird, they actually came out the way I wanted and it
actually looks pretty good. One thing, all the eyes are
evil. I don't think they supposed to be evil but they look
a hell lot better like that. Davien has a eagle semi
perched on his shoulder and Traithe has a raven coming down
to land. Yes, what is it about the Seven and birds? I can
_almost_ match each sorceror to each bird:

*Sethvir: Hawk (as Calum Quade Kincaid)
*Asandir: Owl (there's this picture of an owl on the back
of Curse and it immediately reminded me of him)
*Kharadmon: ??? (I'll have to think about this one...
magpie? no...)
*Luhaine: ??? (let me see... bald, fat, short-tempered.
*Davien: Eagle (he flies around as one, right?)
*Traithe: Raven (no comment - just too obvious)
*Ciladis: Dove (I'm not sure about him since we haven't
really seen him before)

I'll need to think quite a bit on Kharadmon and Luhaine.
I'm quite sure that I had thought up on for Kharadmon, but
I don't remember it. Sethvir has a original name (before he
became Sethvir), does all of the Fellowship have one, then?

My pencil case has Lujan as this month's cover boy. Last
month it was... my fav character from DoE/SoE/MoE... don't
think too hard.

nah, nah, nah, nah.... (humming along to CCS - Look at Me)