My life, one big sarcastic story
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2002-08-21 06:57:43 (UTC)

like or love, theres no logic

Lots have happend since the last entry. stuff with the hot
guy, but then someone else has really started to play a big
role in my life. this one guy i've know for 2 yrs but only
online.good and bad stuff have happend with both guys,
stuff i really wanted to put in here, but didnt. ne wayz
tonight talking to kevin (online buddy) and we're like
totally talkin bout the future and how we should get
together. but now he is starting to sound obsessed. but hes
not according to jeff his friend. hes just "attached" k
whatever but it was scaring me. okay so now we are
fighting about my hot guy!! what the heck! kev is asking
all the questions and im like why do you want to know that?
so when i answer, hes always, "now i feel like less of a
person." well it finally did occur to him that i do like the
other guy better, not only that but im like you've never
met me, seen me or nethign we only click online. oh and hes
got this thing LOVE(like) IS TOTALLY MENTAL! did we forget
about being held, human touch!!???? ne wayz my hottie comes
online tonight, we say hey whats up the usual. then hes
like im in a shitty mood and i dont really feel like
talking, but ur welcome to talk and ill kinda respond. okay
alrite whatever. so i feel like im talkin to a wall. and
weeks b4 he said im too weird to go out with, he tonight
brought it up by: i wish you werent too odd around me. i
say why? he said well maybe something could have developed.
(oh heck YA!!) im happy now.Well i know i did act a little
differently around him, but it was sorta weird being together.
BECAUSE we werent used to seeing each other and being so close
etc.hehe okay so he said he was in that shitty mood cause he needed
something to spice up his
life, like a gf! alrite im thinking, look buddy you missed out
on something. he leave and i was kinda mad with out saying
good bye. but later he comes back on say says goodnight
then logges back off.. SCORE. im soo happy, but then i keep
fighting with kev.