2001-07-15 06:17:41 (UTC)

ehhh im being slow tonight.

the time just keeps passing.
people and things come.
and go.
and change you as a person..
thats all life is about really.
different situations.
and different reactions.
im finding myslef letting go of a lot recently.
i think im about to make another big change in my life..
a change for the better.

i dont think about you anymore.
and i dont know if thats good or not.
its a lot healthier.
im being more productive...
im taking care of myself.
im concr

you kissed me.
and told me every thing would be alright.
you held me so tight that night..
and i thought that i was finally safe.
i was awake but i didnt want you to know.
i was afraid you would go..
i know that i wont hear from you anymore.
our time together has past.
and truthfully i never expected it to last.
i didnt believe your promises of forever.
but i let you beleive what you wanted to.
to make you happy.
and secure.
i would have been your crazy girl.
i would have held your hand.
our life together coud have unfirled.
into a beautiful cloud of contentment and smiles.
happy times and stupid rhymes.
you will fade from mind.
all is lost with time.
i probably wouldnt reconize you in a crowd.
and you probably wouldnt mind.
i was your trophy lay.
i didnt stay.
we will never know.
forever means a lot to some.
infact it means a lot to me..
and i will love you.

i was just a stupid girl.
a stupid girl in love with you.
a stranger to pain.
so much to gain.
i had nothing to loose.
you awoke my heart.
and now.
i am all yours...
if you want it.

my issues are many.
and my craziness is apparent.
but youre still here..
youre willing to try.
the only thing i have to give you..
i promise you.
i will never lie.

somethings i do will hurt you.
and sometimes i know i can be cruel.
just know.
that you are the one im thinking of.
youre the one who has my heart.
i wish we werent so far apart..
but i know.
in our hearts. we will never part.
with you i mean forever too.
and, im not afraid of that..

i only hope that i make you as complete.
as you have made me.
there is no competition baby.
its you and me.
through all the trials of life.
i know we can make this..
i wont give up.
if you dont.
i have nothing left but hope.
and thats all placed in you now.