good times, good times
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2001-07-15 06:13:06 (UTC)


i considered writing poetry for you
but i didn't
because i dont' know what you are
i think you will understand though
because last night you asked me
if i was too good to be true
i'm afraid i'm not-
just so you know.
you dont'know what i am either
we both suspect
laci and matt are part of this game
but i've gotta tell ya
matt's not
matt screwed up, and matt's in time out
mabey permanently
if laci's part of your game that's cool
ya'll ran for a while
and now it's over but if it's not that's ok too
cuz for you and me
we just need to be happy
just chill for a while
u know how that goes
chillen wit grant...