2002-08-21 05:33:23 (UTC)


Wow i havent written In like 7 months!! ive been so busy!
guess what i was busy with? nuthing! thats ryght nuthing
just goin to school but ryght now im on break school starts
back up in like a week in ahalf i seriously dont feel like
goin back, maybe just to see friends but then thats it,
augh.....havin to get up early gosh! life sux bigg sumtimes,
but cant sit here and complain life goes on...anywayz well
im tryin to get and A&R rep, those people that represent you
like if ur a musician, producer, anything like that so im
tryin to get one and record a demo!! im so excited a close
friend gave me Johnny Wrights # hes the guy that represents
artist such as Britney spears, Nsync, backsteert boyz,
christina Millian, and soo many more! hes such a nice guy i
havent got to talk to him cuz when i called they tried to
tranfer my call to him but he couldnt accept the call at the
time soo there ya go! but hopefully im gonna call him
tomorrow i hope hs yea! :) Umm lets see what
else is new? HMm ive gotten obsessed with that one show "sex
in the city" its pretty interesting if ya ask moi! I dont
have a b/f ryght now and u noe what i dont really need one
b'cuz w/ everythin that i wanna do w/ my life like get my
singing career up and goin i wont have time :( but hopefully
there will come a time when i'll my special luv, im startin
a new school its a Sd high its gonna be pretty interesting,
but what i really want is to be home-school b'cuz then i
wont be wastin my time w/ school,i could pay more attention
to singing, bcuz you cant really do both so maybe i'll talk
to my parents about it. Im movin is another thing and maybe
in a year im supposed to be movin to Las vegas, i dont wanna
goo i wanna be close to L.A!!!! heh but yea.. anywho i wrote
a lot gosh golly :) anyho ttyl if i get tiem to write more
see you in like 8 months heh j/k soon i promise, later Dayz....