good times, good times
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2001-07-15 06:02:44 (UTC)

nothin much

grant went with me to seymour lastnight so i could get all
my stuff. it's all here now.

i watched a funny/stupid movie today with grant brett, and
josh at josh's house today called snatch.

today was my first day at the plex. it was so busy. i worked
5:00 to 12:30 i don't like having to work till late at all.
it kinda sucks. we were really busy tonight too. oh well. i
bet this job doesn't last long...
grant's first night of work was tonight also. he works at
winn-dixie from 10:30pm to 7:00am now that's really gotta
suck. i dont' see how he does it! he and brett and swaim
all came to the plex tonight, so that was cool.

i didn't call lance tonight. i didn't know i would have to
work when he gave me the number