My Confessions
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2002-08-21 05:15:13 (UTC)


Dear Diary,

So today, Sam, Desi, Stacey, Alyssa, Ben, Andrew, Greg,
Christian, Jay and I all went over to Adam's house. It
wasn't really a party, but since his parents are out of
town there was a lot of drinking going on (I know, how sad
is that in the middle of the day?!). Desi, Sam and Stacey
were so smashed they could hardly talk in coherent
sentences and Desi ended up puking in Adam's backyard,
which he was not too thrilled about. I had more to drink
than I normally do, and I think it was obvious. Alyssa (who
doesn't drink that much) told me that I was hitting on
everyone. I thought I was only hitting on Christian but
she said I sat in Andrew's lap and kept kissing Jay's
neck?! I don't remember that! Apparently I also tried to
convince Adam to go into the bathroom and make out with me,
which Alyssa said he didn't do b/c Christian threatened to
beat him up. YAAAAAAY. Maybe it's better when I'm drunk, I
don't have to worry about what I'm doing and maybe that way
it's easier for fate to take its course?!?
Anyway, it was really annoying watching Stacey hit on
Jay. I mean, she has no right to like him, she has a bf!
Jay didn't seem to mind though, he looked like he was
enjoying her company, so that's when I decided to break
things up between them. I had only had two drinks at this
point (but I did what i know all u girls have done, and
pretended to be out of control from the liquor) and i sorta
dragged Jay away from her. I know what you are thinking.
Stacey is my friend and I shouldn't do that to her right?
Wrong! Stacey and I are friends, but we've been thru hell
together and back. She always flirts with the guys that I
either like or am going out with and when they flirt back
and try to get it on with her she says she's done me a
favor b/c they were assholes that would cheat on me
anyway. So I stole the attention back from her! I grabbed
jay's arm and pulled him outside while trying to act casual
by like sorta dancing along to the music. Then when we
were outside he's like "so, what's up?" and then I didn't
know what to say, so I start laughing. And he's
like "Jules? Are you alright?" And I'm like "ah ha" and he
goes, "you don't normally drink so much, maybe I should
take you home." and I'm like 'nooooooooo!' and then I told
him how I didn't like the way Stacey was flirting with him
and he's like 'what difference does it make?' and then i
don't know what to say and I start trying to explain how
she always steals other people's guys when Christian comes
outside looking for me!
So then later tonight, after my buzz was gone and I was
back home chilling, jay comes over and he's like "what were
you trying to say to me about Stacey?" so I lied, and I
told him I don't remember trying to explain anything and
that I was just really drunk.
I am just gonna forget I ever opened my big mouth! I don't
know what the hell to do!
On a happier note:
Collete and I are trying to devise a fool-proof plan about
switching places so gotta run!


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