The twisted tales of Me
2002-08-21 04:59:51 (UTC)

Darknes around the corner..

Darkness around the corner..That's what waits for
me..Darkness around the corner..Wrapping it's arms around
me..closing the darkness around my eyes so I cannot see..My
soul waits for me..in the depths of the shadows..In the
depths of me.The darkness is all I see..Feels like A coffin
in wich I lie..Nothing to see..Nothing to feel..Nothing to
fear..Nothing to hear..The only peace that awaits me..Is
the darkness around the corner..6 feet under..

Well..Let's see..Today hmm..Today I have found out my
closest friend has A heart problem and might lose her
baby..Umm..TThat's about it for today..'Cept I feel
bad..But I always do Lol..Hmm..Losing most of my
friends..Eh..Alwell..Anyway..Bye all..