Reality Bites
2002-08-21 04:13:58 (UTC)

Today was busy--I had booksales..

Today was busy--I had booksales and meetings galore at
school. It was good to see everyone. In between meetings me
and Kate, Alyssa, Michelle, Renata, Kayla, and Kristie went
out to get coffee. We saw Dave which was fun, I love him. I
went to the grill where he works by myself and just hung
out with him for like 45 minutes. But I forgot about my
meeting. Woops. Alyssa ran in cause I guess they didn't
know what time it was either and said 'WE HAVE TO GO, WE'RE
HELLA LATE!' so we hauled ass back. When I got their Luke
and like TONS of others were in line for books, I'd say
maybe 100 people. I couldnt find a parking spot and I was
on the phone with Michael and I had cars behind me so when
I finally parked I was even later than everyone else. I
walked through the crowd and saw Luke and I think he knew I
saw him, but I acted like I didnt cause I didn't have time
to talk to him at all. Then I saw him cause his practice
ends when mine begins, but he didnt see me. Practice was
good. Mia quit though. Whatever, she's the one missing out.
Our coach talked to me about it today, and I felt better
after that because I was glad she felt the same way I did
about it. My practice was actually great tonight. People
noticed I've started to loose weight and that makes me
happy, even if it is only 3.5 pounds so far, but it has
only been 3 days. I ate 700 calories today, so go me.
Control is nice. I miss Luke a lot. Even when I see him I
dont SEE him. I havent seen him in such a long time, I love
him so much. I miss Michael too. Talking to him makes me
want to be with him so bad. I dont love him like Luke or
anything but hes so great and when I'm with him he makes me
feel like I'm worth attention and being loved and I need
that cause that's something I'll only achieve about minus
30 pounds from now. Michael sure does a good job of showing
me what I'm in store for when I loose the pounds. Gotta
sleep so I can get up and do it all over.-Ang

'I could never love again
So much as I love you
Where you end, where I begin
Is like a river running through

Take my heart, take my eyes
I need them no more
If never again they fall
Upon the one I so adore...

Excuse me please, one more drink
Could you make it strong?
'Cause I don't need to think
She broke my heart
My Grace is Gone
Another drink and I'll be gone'-DMB