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Matt's Whining and Bullshit
2001-01-14 16:57:40 (UTC)

*Shanen* Yesterday was pretty..


Yesterday was pretty confusing, everything about it. After
getting completely lost, feeling totally....weird(I can't
really explain it) I finally did go for that run. It was a
pretty long run, ran down by Rte.9, then back to my
development and ran through there 2x(it's a pretty big
development). Then ran over to my old elementary school's
playground, and I don't know why exactly, but I stopped
there, for about 45min., and I just sat on the swings,
thinking about everything.

Finally got back home and went to the mall. Ran into alotta
people there. Well atleast I has tonz of fun spending lots
and lots of $$$. That always makes any girl feel better,
haha. But then we ran into Sean who pretty much ditched us
for some CNHS people, and the thing with that is, Sean was,
and up until pretty recently I thought was one of my best
friends, and Erin n Jennie's too. But he has changed this
year, alot. Changed to be like all the other Colts Neck
people(his new H.S.). So I was pretty pissed and am
ignoring all his phonecalls and ims(Emails too). I mean he
outright LIED to us, so when we saw him there...ugh don't
wanna get into that at this moment.

I had this dream, it was actually a pretty good(ok a very
good) and very realistic dream(unlike my flying cow and
locked up by mounties on horses at my swimclub with my bff
for being not even ask, it was the weirdest
thing). It was like...a glimpse at what next school year
wasgoing to be like. The thing is is that in the dream I
looked alot older, like I was one of those seniors you see
that look like they could be in college, and so was Marisa
and Jessica. It was gym class and the 1st day of soph.
year, we walked in, and Jessica was all over Matt's brother
who just so happened to be in the same gym class, Matt was
there, Marisa was harassing some freshmen girls about
sitting in her part of the bleachers, and oh yea Andy was
there too, except I didn't recognize him b/c it do
I put it? It was(or atleast I thought it was) his brother
(who is 2yrs older than me), but it was actually Andy. It
was just a cool dream 'cuz everything turned out pretty
much perfectly, and I ended up seeing Matt like a hundred
times a day, which is very very very NOT BAD AT ALL.

I'll probably write back again later today.