Nick's Journal
2002-08-21 04:07:13 (UTC)

Social Darwinism and Heart Attacks

So i read the most interesting article the other day.
apparently acting like an ass and getting heart attacks is
kinda related. hhhmmm, no shit. we all know that the
first ones to go are the ones that bellow all the time.
most interestingly is the link between being cynical and
elevated blood pressure. i'm cynical. my fucking blood
pressure is fine and i'd like to crucify the jerk that
thinks he can judge me.
look at our lives and tell me that we're not trying to
kill all. i turn on the fucking news, and there we have
it "al qaida usess chemical weapons" 24/7. it's nothing
but mass hysteria. moreover our paranoia with being
labeled "naive" leads to an over-compensating cynicism.
we are so worried to be riddled and chastized that we hit
the cynicism note a little too high. now, according to
some sociologists this overly embellished cynical view on
life is a defense mechanism. instituted by evolution,
because naturally the guy who is "more aware" through
cynical ventures has the better chance of getting the
girl. or maybe not. but let's say that this over-
cynication (is that a word), is really a byproduct of
genetic evolution. more than enough evidence shows that
self-exploitation to balance one's own cynical nature is
found everywhere.
therefore you have movies like "scary movie" where they
show shots of the camera men and all, and moreover
belittle the movie genre so much that you can't chastized
them for that move. their cynical nature leads to a self-
awareness (hey, we know this is just a dumbass movie)
which they use as self-exploitation (look i may be stupid
but you're dumber and this is why i make fun of you.).
so here we are. very cynical to teeter the term of
naive. label me a cynical, judgemental, fuck, but don't
look at me as someone who's naive nature you can take
adventure of. so there we have our predicament.
we now stand around and crack on everyone. someone drops
something you're there to make fun of them. someone
drives like a dumbass, there you are to corret them. why
do we have america's funniest home videos? they are so
ludicrous and show the naive nature of others so that we
may belittle.
but we're linking ourselves with heart attacks. everytime
you get that urge to be cynical your cortisol level is
rising, it's detrimental. it's gonna fuck you up.
so you people stop acting so god damn stupid!!!!