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2002-08-21 01:02:19 (UTC)

Hero and worker - days better

Tuesday and I was in uptown. Well people made some work like
continuum of my work. But they named the file same mine. I
made work in weekend and take it to office. Well I think my
work was better. But people said I saved over theirs. The
square and data and draws were mine. Only they made was
formating text paragraph. Their commander are not fair and
they needed to find some guilt. I did the work and they only
changed the paragraph. And they said I made wrong their
work. They will last more to understand I am not there to
work. I am there to help. They would learn some thing
instead of fight against my work. I would teach them how
to use better time and micro resources. I knew some
costumer. He is a singer and an artist and understand about
micro. He is polited and recognized the quality of my work
and knowledge. I think I am in wrong path to use my skills.
I will dedicate more time to my truly friends.
I saw Mel and she was better.
Better days for me and my truly friends. Well pet dog is
still with chicken bones in its throat. Some people gave it
chicken and did know it was void.
I will help the better people tomorrow and I could see the
Sun still shinning. It is shinning for days and I could not
notice and enjoy it. Tomorrow the hero becomes a
professional worker. And enemies will go away from my truly
friends path.