Mind of a Wierdo
2001-07-15 05:35:58 (UTC)

What? Huh?

Well today SUCKED! I am not goin to make this entry very
long in fear that I might bore you all to death. Though
that was an idea at first I just decided to change my mind.
Yea ... I went to umm Monterey today and was out for about
three freakin hours lookin for a round glass end table.
THREE FREAKIN HOURS!!!! Imagine what I could have done in
that time. O nevermind screw it .... I would PROBABLY get
bored anyway. Well other then that I was umm BORED!!! Then
I came home and realized that Chris called about ten
minutes before I walked in and here I am hopin he calls
back. But I kno he might not since it is already 10:30.
Well on second thought he might. Well I was sittin in my
room and thought I would come and check my mail and what do
you kno TIMMY SENT ME MAIL. OOO I AM SO HAPPY. Okay so yea
... that made my day. At least I kno he made it to his new
house all right. Which in a way is kinda kewl when his home
is rightfully here in San Jose instead of there in
Virginia. GRRRRR............ Okay well I can't write much
cus ummmm ...... nothing happened today. Which is just like
all the other days 'cept a lil different. Yea okay whatever
whatever. Hahaha..... that was funny ..... O yea I was even
reminded that I am 'STUFID' shnit .... I think I spelled it
wrong. O well ...... what? HUH? .....................

OOO THE AGONY! hahahaha ................