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2002-08-21 02:55:56 (UTC)

8/19 Show close

the show closed today... i tried so hard not to care that
my family, or even my mom couldn't make it... i
prepared myself for it, i knew it was going to happen...
but it reminds me of when grandpa died.. no matter
how much you prepare for it... it will still come and kick
you in the ass at some point... nobody came to a few of
my last performances at the end of school... that hurt...
but i tried not to care about it... i figured they were busy...
that they were... of both my brother and sister... i don't
believe my folks missed a single game... someone
was always there, supporting them in every move... it's
wrong to compare it to them, i know... but how can i
not? is it because theatre is not a sport? i am looking
for every excuse to deny that maybe they don't care...
this is my life... this is my passion, i am driven by some
inexplicable force... this makes me happy... i just want
to share it with them.