Older person getting older: Thoughts
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2001-07-15 04:58:00 (UTC)

Thoughts of a Broken Man

The children sleep in the cabin. It's late; I should turn
in for the night. Against my better judgment I sit with the
weathering campfire. The wind has dwindled to a crisp cool
breeze. Night waves caress the abandoned beach. Ever so
often a star soars from the heavens. A cigarette and a half
bottle of whine accompany me. I sit. I write.

The thoughts of a broken man.

There is a simplicity to the hearts desire. All men;
whether aloud or silent search the bitter sweet affair that
will engulf his lifetime. It is after all the reason man
exists. If he cannot love, then he cannot be loved. Without
that; why would he fight to continue this journey?

I knew love once. I loved completely and without
hesitation. Still now, she is gone and so I continue the
quest. Yes, I knew love. I knew it well. This satisfaction
haunts me. It demands me to bestow the emotion upon myself
once again. Weary, I am fearful time has left me.

You who are to be mine: I ask of you "Close your eyes. Let
me kiss your brow. Allow my hand be in yours. Sit with me
tonight in this blanket. Listen with me to the music of
wind passing through the trees. Permit me to lie my head on
your breast; If only to hear the beat of your beloved
heart. Let my finger make circles on your stomach. Tell me
it will be okay."

But you are not here.
Can you find me? I search desperately for you.
Are you real? I have dreamed you many times.
You who are to be mine...Will you be? Or am I a foolish
A fool broken by the thoughts of love not yet born.
I beg you...find me love. It is the hearts only desire.