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2002-08-21 02:45:07 (UTC)

7/22 fronk confronted

to day was so dimented in itself... i got off work early, to
go to amanda's baby shower... amanda is a good
friend of mine... she's 16 and due in a week, not exactly
a good thing, but i am trying to be the good friend here,
which is difficult in itself. i was supposed to go on this
huge mission trip with fronk this week... but see,
amanda's folks are leaving those same days... it was
such a hard decision to make, but being that i am the
coach and i have not only a responsibility here but also
an obligation, i opted to stay here. fronk is so
sensitive, so i wrote her a giant e-mail, i figure it was
the best way to get everything out with out interruption...
but i also had bo help me out... see... bo is the greatest
person i know... i go to her with every minor or major
prob i have and she talks me through it and she helps
me to figure things out... i just got off the phone with
her, which is really strange beacause my folks are
really strict with the telephone curfew being 10. but
yeah, i kinda feel better... i think maybe she really does
understand... but i feel now
that i am not a very good friend because i cannot give to
her in return the great advice she always dishes out to
me... i feel i am not holding up my end here... she was
saying how she doesn't feel anyone listens... it
reminded me of some lame poetry i used to write ... she cried... it
felt good... i mean... for her to
feel comfortable enough to cry to me bout it... i think we
really made some progress here... it ended in her tellin
me she felt much much better and that she only had to
sleep on it, and it would probably figure itself out, this
thing with fronk that is... but yeah... tis gettin late, i have
tomorrow and then tues and then i am finally done with
this bitch they call driver ed... goodnight ~jack