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2001-07-15 04:37:49 (UTC)

July 14, 2001

"She works hard for the money, so hard for the money,
she works hard for the money so you better do her right..."

Eighties music rules!! Worked today, of course,but it
was sooooo boring. Lance and Tenieka came to whisk me away
to a night of fun fun fun. First we chilled at Lance's phat
apartment (too bad the hot roomie wasn't home), then we
went to Bailey's, then to the movies. And somewhere in
there Spenser joined in... it was great. Lance is having a
party tomorrow night, everyone needs to come, come to
Bailey's around 9 and then it will move to his apartment,
it's BYOB. He's gonna steal the big green Cricket couch
from Staples for me :-D. Hmm I am in desperate need of a
manicure, I think I am going to have to start stripping to
maintain my nails. I am really excited about going to the
mountains on Thursday, I haven't seen Alec (my horse) in a
month or more. He has big blue eyes, just like me, which is
unusual in an equine, and an oreo coat. Absolutely
beautiful, and his sister Tess is just as gorgeous. *sigh*
Hopefully Trevor and Brooke will be free so we can act like
we aren't the "cityfied sissies" that my mountain cousins
call us. YEEEEEHAW!!!

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