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2001-07-15 03:38:03 (UTC)


Well, I just had my liver biopsy done. I got presents! I
like all the attention, but I wish the pain would go away.
I want to throw up, but my body just won't let me. School
starts in less than a month. UGH, I can't wait till I
graduate. I'm scared to go out on my own. I haven't told
anybody that. I guess that is just apart of who I am. I
put up this front that I don't like people to see my
weaknesses (Is that a word?). My life seems to be so great
right now. I have it so easy, but it doesn't feel that
way. I have to do so many things and yet I procrastinate.
On top of everything else, I CAN'T spell. I hate who I
am. I feel ugly and FAT! I wish all my fat would just
drop off. I have no motivation to do anything! Ugh!!!
Life sucks!

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