Tay's thoughts
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2002-08-21 01:15:33 (UTC)

ordinary tuesday


Just another ordinary tuesday. School's been in for like
uh...a week now. I calculated the amount of sleep i get for
a whole week during school, and it came out to be two
hours! That's like.. real bad..and its probably the reason
i always fall asleep during biology. Some freshman sitting
next to me had to wake me up today...he said i was
snoring..which i know i wasn't because I DONT SNORE. Some
weird kid in my geometry class has taken an "interest" in
me. He's weird and like, i was singing one of my favorite
songs from tool the other day, and he heard me evidently
and turns around and asks "hey have any of you been to the
tool concert lately?" omg he bugs me so much..his eyes are
weird looking too. This kid named ryan keeps poking me
during A lunch. If he does it again i swear im going to
leash out on him. I would probably choke him with those
huge bondage banger pants he wears all the time! Last night
was kinda boring till i talked to steph and jordan on the
phone- its actually very entertaining to listen to
them..because most of the time stephanie is saying
something dumb, and jordan is laughing. lol hes got one of
those laughs that make other ppl laugh ;). Anyways, i
tripped some girl down the stairs today...she was one of
those preppy babrie girls..she broke one of her high heels
on the stairs, it was pretty entertaining. Anyways..HAPPY
BIRTHDAY MEGAN!! im spendin the weekend at moms takin
shoots and hopefully hangin out with meg. Oh well- guess
its time for my usual two hour sleep time now..*out*