It smells like poop over here
2002-08-20 23:58:39 (UTC)

i think id be good for you, and you'd be good for me

i don't feel happy just now, nor sad. content is the
word i believe. im listening to "el sorcho" by
weezer...again. i really need to by pinkerton. it seems to
be there best CD. "el sorcho" "tired of sex" "pink
triangle", they're all so cool.
i was gonna go to record time and used CD stores with
neil, but he dropped out on me again. me and dave were
supposed to do something, but i can't get a hold of him. i
wanted to chill with him again before he went up for
school. i gotta work all day tomorrow, so i probably won't
see him. laura's already at state. she says she's lonely.
rich got accepted to columbia. he says he's probably
leaving on the 23rd of september. classes start the 26th.
lucky bastard. i start monday. i guess his parents are
actually gonna pay for him to go to school there. i hope
everything goes well for him, and he makes something of
oh, say it ain't so is playing now. the live version
from david letterman. it's pretty good. lauren is supposed
to call me when she gets off work, but that was like 45
minutes ago. but my phone's been being a bitch and just not
ringing sometimes. last night she didnt' call me until and
hour and half after she got out. her and brandon were
fighting and she sat his in car in front of his friends
house for over an hour, so that's why. she was walking
home, but i went and picked her up. haha, it was pretty
funny. she didn't want me to, so i just drove down mack,
cause that's where she said she was, i drove past her and
said that if she didn't tell me she was, i was going home.
then i was like, "wanna see something cool?" and i pulled
up in front of her. it was pretty cool. she's like, "you
asshole! i can't believe im getting a ride from you." we
went and got donuts and had a little chat. bout brando,
giulia and some other shit. good times.
i not sure what's up. this is when i feel like
leaving town, all my friends, all my family and just get
out. i feel like this feelings of...depressing contentness
will last forever, but i know it won't. i get this way when
im screwed by a close friend. i always imagining going to
california. i keep playing quick flashes from movies in my
mind. like me tossing one duffel bag of stuff into a white
convertable and hitting the road in a plain white t-shirt.
watching a little car move across the mid west on a map.
replaying a scene in from my past. on phish tour once, i
was driving back from cinncinnati in the middle of the
night. i looked in the rearview and saw nothing. no
streetlights, no headlights, no buildings, no light
pollution, no nothing. two lane highway, two friends
sleeping in the back, and my brights on. it was great.
content. it sucks. maybe ill feel like this later and spill
more emotions, cause that's just such and original saying.