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2002-08-20 23:33:28 (UTC)

Everybody's Got a Story....

How did you get to where you are today? Why are you at
this specific point in your life? You have a story. I have
a story. And they are probably very different.

I was driving along today, and was stuck in traffic. Which
is usual for central FL. Because my radio doesn't work (no
idea why) I had plenty of time to think and look out the

There were so many different cars with so many different
looking people in them. From just about every walk of
life. Where were they going? Where were they coming from?

It's fascinating to me to hear the stories of other
people. That's what a life is made up of, little snippits
of things. You can look at someone but never know what
fabulous or terrible things have happened to them.

Most people are happy to share their stories if you ask
them. I will leave you with this story.

In a very small town in the south of Georgia, very near
the Florida boarder lived an elderly woman named Mrs.
Bierce. She has huge eyes, and one tends to wander and
it's hard to tell where to look. She enjoys company, but
few people come to visit.

One day, she told the story of her education. Her parents
believed that she should learn at least 3 languages. They
wanted to send her to a different country for each year of
her schooling. Unfortunately, WWI broke out and she didn't
make it. However, her parents did try. So, in 1918, at 8
years old, she was put on a ship to Germany for schooling.

While on the ship, the captain took to her, and she became
his surrogate granddaughter. She took her meals with him,
and spent hours following him around. One day, in the
middle of the night, the steward came to wake her up and
told her that the captain wanted her. The steward took her
to the bridge, where the steering wheel was and the
captain was waiting for her there. He picked her up, and
held her towards the windows and pointed out at the black
ocean. All of a sudden she turned her head to where he was
pointing and there was a huge ship all aglow. "Pay
attention child, for you are seeing history. There goes
the biggest and greatest ship in the world, the RMS
Titanic, on her maiden voyage. Remember this moment."

And Mrs. Bierce did. That's one of her stories.

Ask someone who you know what their stories are.


story illegally borrowed from Baily White, but i hope she
understands the context in which using it. go read her