2002-08-20 23:33:26 (UTC)

ummm today i guess

well today i went to clairs n met a girl that i haven't
seen in a long time. she is still cool. n i bought a
bracelet. it's cool n spiky n colorful. im huungry n i
still wanna c XXX. :( n im hungry still. when i get a
chance i will write more. im bored n hungry. i prob won't b
on again, cuz it's ether my dad or sista that is alwayz on
n buggy my ass to get off. well i dunno know im going to do
tomorrow but i know it's going to b boring. my life suckz
so much. n sum people r so stuck up. those fucking people.
n my mom always wants to dress me up n my cuz n aunts alwyz
wanna put make up on me. i don't they can get it though
there heads that im a tomboy n im not into makeup yet. fuck
that bothers the shit pout of me.