It smells like poop over here
2002-08-20 23:05:56 (UTC)

hong kong fuey, number one super guy

i was just listening to the sublime version of that
tune. sublime is my favorite band.
ok, after warped tour on sunday, we went back to
mama rosa's, cause it was just about the only place open on
a sunday night @ 10. i was eating, and i look up at the
window in the kitchen door, and there's these eyes looking
at me. i stare back for a few seconds, but i didn't know
who it was or what they looked like. it coulda been andrea
or some dude. so i looked away and went back to eating. a
few minutes later, a waitress walks out and the door swings
open and there's this girl looking at me, the door swings
back and she's still looking at me. then it shut. she had a
look of either, "wow, he's cute" or a devious, "ill win him
with my body and kill him later" look. im not sure which.
im still eating, then she comes out on her break and
sits in the last booth by the door, which is right by ours.
she gets up and looks out the window, then at me and sits
down. gets up, looks back in the kitchen, then back at me.
we get up to leave, and i look back toward dave and laura,
and she's leaning outta her seat to look at me. it was a
little weird. personally, id rather meet up with that asian
chick that works at olive garden that my brother said
wanted me. she was eating dinner, and go up when we were
leaving to tell us to have a good night, and she says to
me, "ohh, i like your shirt" i think i was wearing my devil
head sublime shirt. we were talking about bands and stuff
and she said she was going to warped. i forgot about that,
so i forgot to look for her. oh well, i think distances
between me and girls are all im supposed to have. stupid