The meanderings of a mind
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2001-07-15 02:34:59 (UTC)

this day is fine

I went to see Aerosmith with my baby. The concert was
amazing, but I think I would have loved it no matter what it
was. All I could think of, all I could hear, all I could
see was him. It was the greatest. Every moment, every
second, as long as I'm with him, is wonderful. I'm going to
another concert with him, and I'm listening to the music now
so I can be used it it. It is sounding familiar but I don't
think I've listened to it before. The day is drawing
closer when I will get to go back to school and be closer to
him. I'm excited. I'm ready to load my car up. I'm ready
to quit my job. It's a wonderful feeling. That excitement
that drowns the worries about classes and money. I should
clean my room and get to bed. I overslept this morning and
was late to work. Can't keep doing that. I need MONEY so
that I can move out!

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