Sammy's Life
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2002-08-20 22:25:08 (UTC)

I'm new with this

Hey there! This is my diary incase you havent figured that
one out. I am extremely bored! I am going insane! I cant
stop thinking about him! You know who I'm talking
about...well the select few know who I am talking about. I
never felt this way about him before and It is driving me
CAARRAZY!! Anyway...after today it will be 5 more days
until school starts and I am tres excited because I will
be a senior and also because summer is getting a little
boring....but Saturday was sooo awesome!! "I'll just be
waiting for my little red-headed princess to come visit
me..." grr...why does he do that! And he knows it drives
me wild and he enjoys torturing me I'm
sure...hahaha...okay I am outty...tata!

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