Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-08-20 20:26:42 (UTC)

yes he was and is!

yes hello to anyone who might be so bored that they are
reading this. i half way agree with matt2's statement on
the best vocalist. freddie mercury is the greatest ever
and thats that, even though he had the mustache for a
little while. i don't know about steven tyler though for
the longevity part though. so i'm just listening to my
band pacifico's new cd again which must mean i'm gay. i
talked to matt1 today on his birthday and it sounds like
he's having a fun day with plenty of bathroom and reading
time. i'm also thinking i should wear spandex at our next
show. maybe. well lots of love to anyone who's ears we
may grace.
joel lee roth