*a*v*e* tHe uNbLoNdE bEaUtY

tHe iNvIsIbLe gUrL
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2002-08-20 20:08:04 (UTC)

snapping turtles

i always liked turtles, they're cute and tough and little
but snapping turtles are mean
from the top they look like all the other turtles
but you go down to pick it up and BAM you lose a finger

thats what it's like with my friends

i fixed things with the other guy. max. he even promised
me he wouldnt ever do it again. i know, i'm pretty naive
to believe any promise a guy makes, but it made me feel a
whole lot better. just when i want to hate him because he
has made me so mad, he goes and does something so sincere
and perfect, and it is a something i didn't know i needed
from him until he did it, that i forgive him and love him
all over again. not very healthy, but definetly spicy.

but now my other best guy friend really hates me. and i
dont think i'm getting him back anytime soon. i dont think
he wants me back. i dont feel very good. i wrote him a
sorry email. i dont think it will work. i never wanted
him to hate me. i just worry. its understandable, i
think...when i see something wrong, i want to fix it. is
that so wrong? i guess so.

i never know with my friends. i've got plenty, no
doubt...and theyre usually of good quality, so i got that
along with the quantity, and i should be happy. but when i
pick up a snapping turtle, i can't help but feel hurt.
sometimes i wish i just understood.