love and sex and miss-matched socks
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2002-08-20 16:17:52 (UTC)

joes ex

Joe dated a girl for 2 and a half years. She wanted to get
married, he didnt, so she left him and got married 3 weeks
later so some random guy. 2 or 3 days ago the husband beat
the shit out of the wife and left her home with her 2 kids.
She then took an entire bottle of sleeping pills and tried
to kill herself.

Joe went to visit her, make sure things are alright. The
mother started asking him if he was going to take care of
her and start back what was there before she got married.
What was he supposed to say? Somehow he respectfully
declined and left. He is really upset. Crying upset. And I
can understand.

First I told him that she needed a friend and it sounded
like he was the only one that can give her what she needs.
Then he told me she had kids, both under 4. And so now I
have no pity for the selfcentered bitch.

My mother did that. Me and my sister would have to sit
there and watch her cut her wrists, or drown a bottle of
pills with shots of Crown. Nothing we could do. Wait til
she passed out and call the police. Eventually with that
and the beatings we were taken away.

I dont know how someone with children could find no reason
to live. I dont believe she needs a friend. If her own
children wont give her motivation to life, friends would
only make it temperary. And in the end feelings will be
hurt and lives will be taken. Nothing to do about it.

Just take the kids away, and put her in some kind of 24-7
supervision. And for Gods sake keep the kids away from the
abusive father.

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