The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2002-08-20 16:14:49 (UTC)

Suddenly Forget

Suddenly forget, I instantly regert, the moment I set on
eyes on you, Suddenly forget, my world just turns to shit,
have you ever felt so used.
-Sloppy Meateaters-

I want you to think about me, when your pumping your gas,
you look up at me, im stocking candy, and making coffe, I
sit and I dream about sme.
-Sloppy Meateaters-

I need to get a chick. Or something. I girl I can hang
out with, have a good time around, just have fun with. Not
have freaking 1,333 miles between us. I just need a girl to
hang out with and have fun with. And she accpets me thatsa
another thing. Ohs well.