Meshed Up
2002-08-20 14:34:05 (UTC)

you're not sexy at all!

the more i read the more my head hurts.

made very pleasant discoveries today. simply pleasant.
wonder how far i can go with my little scheme in mind.

though i am no pretty girl with a pretty name, and though i
am not as deep, and though i am not as straight as she is,
at least i don't copy poems off people and pass them as my

i'm so pissed off i can't help but laugh.

i wonder if they read my stuff woohoo that's going to be
absolutely beautiful.

yeah go on and read you little bitches.

my dearest lavender, you are simply the best.

oh yeah my toenail fell off. isn't that great?

i'm so angry. so so so angry.

i am allowed to be crazy every now and then aren't i?


so uhm...yeah. i'm like...soo cool! i have a little book of
shadows...and i'm too sexy for everybody's liking that
every guy who sees me in a bathing suit will take a picture
of me and post it on every wall and masturbate.

lolz!! why on earth do girls say such things???

maan you are soo up yourself. i swear. so completely
absolutely up yourself that you are just soo damn funny!

no actually i take that back. you're not funny. you're

ick. how do guys go for such girls?

sure sure you can't control your emotions but!

don't like my writing? email me at
[email protected]

ha!! silly little whores!