2001-07-14 23:13:40 (UTC)

I don't know.

This morning at about eleven some dude who had the wrong
phone number called and woke me up. He said I had a nice
voice and introduced himself though. It was funny. I
would've talked to him more if I hadn't been so tired. Then
my dad tried to make me go to his friend's lesbian Pagan
wedding in Oakland. I don't think there's anything wrong
with gay marriages (the world's over-populated anyway), but
I did not want to go. So he let me out of the car by some
shops about 4 miles away from my dad's house (where I'm
staying for the weekend), and it was up to me to get home
from there. I shop-lifted mocha "flipstick" from Long's
Drugs. Very bad karma. Then I saw William the cafeteria boy
outside the library and said hi to him. He sort of waved a
little in an unfriendly way. I think he hates me because of
my friend Sharon writing bad things about him in Michelle's
year book when he was right there. Or maybe I was mean to
him too...I hope not. I gave him coffee candy on the bus a
while ago. Why the hell am I writing about this though!? Anyway,
I took a bus home and watched most of a movie called SubUrbia
on TV with my bro Alex. It was pretty cool...I should rent
it some time and see the beginning. I like that Giovanni
Ribisi guy. I was just listening to all of Alex's Nirvana