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2002-08-20 13:20:37 (UTC)

Inferior stock something like KFC chickens?

"Des: You can't mate with inferior stock darling, it
corrupts the bloodlines."
You have Unholy Blood in you - you have a responsibility
not to dilute it with shit..."

Desanera repeats this to me at least once a week in one
form or another. She thinks (and i dont blame her) that ive
made myself into a little masochist becuz of the
whole "situation". Wot can i say? I guess i like constantly
being hurt.

Although, yesterday Tim and I got into a fight and I
decided that it was alllll done. Finis, capputt! and he
took it (again) fairly well. I even asked for my ducks
back, but havent seen them yet. And Me? Ive been unusually
well too. I thought I'd take this all much harder then i
did, but ya know wot? it was cake. plain and simple.

who knows maybe im going thro some weird type of denial.

or maybe i really just dont care??

I guess some part of me will always think of tim, prolly
always like/love/wotever those feelings were him too. but i
refuse to sit back and let myself get hurt becuz we re not
together like that. he didnt want it and now, the thought
sickens me. So i guess this entry ends the tim saga.

now on to other exciting things...well, interesting things.

my job at the worlds trashiest store fell thro, so now im
resorting to other places....the tanning bed...tree climber
(shrudders) work study...ICK hopefully one of those works

that and school is coming up soon, i have soooo much to
do...registar, fin aid.....jump thro hoops of fire..heh

anyhow, ive gotta get dressed and bum dush the FIN AID


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