can't fight the moonlight...
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2002-08-20 12:40:29 (UTC)

its 8:30 in the AM...and i'm awake!! (and a poem)

there is something so wrong w/ this picture.


you were there for me
or so you claimed
you stood by me
when everyone walked away
but the words you spoke were lies
the sympathy you gave fake
now i'm standing by myself
with nobody to blame

you took a walk in my shoes
didn't like how they felt
threw them in my face
before running out

if my thoughts scare you that much
my ideas so far fetched
why do you still tell people
that our love was the best?

you couldn't take it then
and i can't take it now
these words that you're saying
are hypocritical at the best
yet i silently take it
still not breaking our vow

a vow that meant everything
(to me, but not to you)
that we would be faithful
in body and in mind
and that "true love" meant everything

but it didn't mean this

I don't know where this came from, and I don't like it, but
life goes on...this never happened to me, but whatever. it
will eventually.

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