changing lanes
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2001-07-14 22:01:13 (UTC)


Well Its been a while since i wrote anything but let me
start by saying that i really appreciate everyones
encouragement through hard times.
well steve and i stayed together and were working on making
things better between us. Ayanna is walking now and she
just turned one a couple weeks ago. Steve and I moved into
a new house and B moved in. YES the guy i secretly had a
crush on lives with us! But its cool i really dont feel
that way anymore-now he and i are becoming friends. We Got
this huge four bedroom house and I LOVE IT!!!! my car is
still out of commission and its really inconvenent
sometimes but Im making it. I have some suspicions about
steve and this girl named trina though ill have to keep you
updated on how that goes. but i looked her up on the
internet by her phone number that i got off of his pager so
i know where she lives. ANYWAY im in a pretty good mood so
i wont go into that.,,,,peace

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