Lements of Madness and Depression
2002-08-20 08:10:22 (UTC)

sweet angel

I write now for I am happy. I no longer feel like I am
alone. some one I have wanted to be with is now mine. she
is my queen, my angel, my nikita, my love and I will fight
to be by her side. I am so happy to be with her she makes
me feel whole I dont bear such a lonlyness when I am with
her. I have been with her since march of this year I
beleave. I have wrote it down if I were to do such a stupid
guy thing and forget. she had asked me to write and sinc
eshe knows to reaf this I write here I did not know what to
write her I was in a poetic mood this night when I spoke
with her but when she left I was sadend slightly and my
sleeplessness took over so now I am very tierd. she makes
my world worth living she seems perfect for me if anything
was possible to be perfect. we make such an odd couple I am
a mess kinda rocker boy and shes a fairly cleancutt person,
tho she has an attitude to make up for the
angel is wicked but still angelic she is quite the site to
behold.I regret saying that she was childish before because
she doesnt show it anymore. she can be as shy as me but she
is way better at hiding it. I know that is why she jad
pushed me away before because I was to much for her and
granted I can understand how she felt.but the past is
something I dont want to linger on for I now have something
to make me stop dragging my feet/ she gives me inspiration
she makes my soul take flight. it is hard for me not to be
around her I feel like breaking down walls and anything in
my way to just be with her but I try to be patient. I savor
every minute with her as if they were my last.I am amased I
can live through her touch it surges through my body I melt
into the ground. her kiss, her kiss sends me to un marked
teritories of the mind I feel almst asif I were in a true
state of bliss then I come slowly back to reality and find
her in my arms. their is no better word that describes her
more then angelic... I go now to dream of her till I can be
with her again.... I love you so much my Queen