heaven's tearz
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2001-07-14 21:23:44 (UTC)

I[ me and da young boi ]I

so i am many days later. i am still with
jeff ( da 17 yr old ) and things hasnt gotta worse. we
spent time at da beach yesterday and had a fairly good
time. i wish he wasnt such a scrub though. i dont like
payin for guys unless they pay for me alot which umm he
doesnt. but we are at da beach and then one of
my acquantience when and rented a motel where they had this
big orgy but i wasnt in it. i dont like doin things likee
dat. me and jeff spent most of the time outsidee the hotel.
he was playin basket ball w. some of his boyz while i was
standin all da way at da other side of da court talkin to
my friends. he was playin basketball to work off the alchol
he obtain coz he was realllly drunk and he was like in
heat. he was all over me my gayd. and he was so ruff that
it hurt. but we didnt have sex of anything. we just fooled
around just a lil bit. aye... i miss him so it
wrong. i hope not. so here he is... and here i am...lost in
an utter confusion .. i feel like iam w. him because mau
just aint around. i write a lil later because i am a lil
too sleepy.