It smells like poop over here
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2002-08-20 06:33:55 (UTC)

remember when i said "i love you"?

...well forget it, i was just a stupid kid back then, i
take back everyword that i said." wow, warped tour actually
sucked. the only descent band i saw was the band that wrote
those lyrics, alkaline trio. there were a lot of really
good bands there, reel big fish, goldfinger, good charlotte
(i guess they're ok),new found glory, mxpx, and a bunch
more. i didnt get to see mustard plug, but all those bands
played like crap. i didn't even think mxpx was mxpx, and i
thought they had replaced mike as the singer/bass player.
it was weird. i've never really heard alkaline, but they
were sweet live. i remembered some lyrics, found em on
there site and DLed the song "stupid kid" i like it. RBF
jammed a lil bit on "beer" and "sellout" but they played a
bunch of new crap i didn't like and didn' know.
goldfinger...didn't play "mable" and "superman" sounded
like shit. NFG...let's not talk about them.
ok, it's saturday night. dave and laura are chillin
up at algers, he's trying to get beer for a party, i won't
sell to him and i won't let him use the phone to call
someone to get brew. we were both being dicks. so i said id
go to this party, even though i had no intentions of going.
but lauren called me, she was back from vaca up north and
wanted to chill when i got outta work. then kate and emily
g. called and wanted to do something. so we all went to
mama rosa's, kind of a farewell dinner to kate. she was
leaving for central the next day. i went back to laurens
and chilled there, then a drunken laura called me.
i didn't really wanna go to this party, then one of
these hot twins that laura knows got on the line and said i
should stop by. so did this kid i hung out with before,
aaron said. so me and lauren went. we met up with brando
before, then went actually. ok, now these twins, kristen
and kristine, i've only meet them once before, and that was
for like 3 hours. i get there (not knowing the difference
between them yet, but i found out it was kristen) and one
of them jumps up and hugs me, "i haven't seen you in so
long" she says. her sister hugs me too, but then the other
one (kristen) hugs me again, but doesn't let go. so i put
my arm around her and what not and just kinda talked with
her for a bit.
oh man, laura was so drunk, but her and kristen
started to kiss. laura says, "she is a good kisser." and of
course, dave takes offense, "are you saying she's a better
kisser than me?" and since laura's wasted, she doesn't know
how to drink-think yet, so she says, "she's pretty good."
so there's bickering and making out. kristen takes me into
another room and says, "im not drunk and i know i was just
kissing laura, but i think your really cute." we exchanged
cell #'s, even though she headed off to central the next
day. she's sitting on my lap, and it's obvious i want to
kiss her, and i was fairly sure she wanted to kiss me. but
being the weirdo i am, i didn't do noting. but a drunken
dave hooked me up. he said something to kristen,
like, "well, why don't you kiss him?" and she looks at me
and says, "can i?" "sure." i said. so we made out for a bit.
im kinda shady on what else happened, but i know
at one point, laura was sitting on my left side, kristine
on my right and kristen on my legs. it was great. i don't
know what order this all goes in, but laura and kristen
were kissing again (oh man, they were frenching each other,
it was sassy!) then laura says, "this would be one hot
threesome." talking about me, her and kristen. "who wants
to go upstairs?" she shouts. i raised my hand, haha. (some
other..."couples" were having sex upstairs at mike's house)
oh man, laura talking about a threesome, that pissed dave
right off. they fought for like an hour about her "wanting"
to have sex with me. laura said a bunch of stuff that dave
didn't hear, like she would have sex with me, she wouldn't
mind making out with me, wanted to kiss me and so on. she
did kiss me on the cheek. dave didnt' see, and i dont'
think she remembers, so im just not gonna say anything.
dave wasn't mad at me at all, he was pissed at laura though.
let's see what else. i was gonna drive tommy, chad
and liam back to chads, and kristen says, "are you
leaving?" "yeah, but im coming back." "well, ill kiss you
anyway." so i made out with her again. uhhh...mike was
telling me, after marta had already had sex with this
ratball, straton o'brian, that marta was looking to have
sex with me next. mike said, "yeah man, your like 'oh
sloppy seconds, that's exactly what i need'" it was pretty
funny. turns out marta didn't know who strat was, she
probably wasn't lying about some of the guys she's fucked
and she really is a patho-lying whore. whodathunkit?
i have another story to tell you about at mama
rosa's after warped tour. but that will hafta wait. im
tired and more senualness mighta happened on saturday, but
i can't remember at the moment. but i know i gotta go visit
central sometime this year! for kriten, kristine, other
christine and kate. good times. night.