My Confessions
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2002-08-20 06:23:42 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
I am listening to that really old song, "I swear" right
now. THAT's WHAT I WANT! I want some guy that will do what
they are singing. It makes me want to cry, that's how
badly I want it! I believe in soulmates, I honestly do, I
just wish they weren't so hard to find!

I went to dinner with Alyssa and Sam, it was fun, but
it feels like I am missing something. Sam is perfectly
happy hitting on a different guy each week, and Liss and
Ben get along really well, and it's like, where does that
leave me?! I feel like I am the only one without a bf! Then
I did the stupidest thing! I called Christian! He was
still mad about how I embarrased him in front of his boy
but I was like 'get over it'. So we talked for only about
20 minutes and then I told him I had to go. Desi calls it
the "20 minute rule" where you only talk for a short time
so you leave the guy hanging. I don't know if it works, but
I tried it on Christian tonight! Our convo was really
lame. I mean we didn't discuss our relationship at all we
just sorta talked about other people. He told me that he
thought it would have been so cool if I had kissed Sam in
the hot tub instead of jay. He says girls with girls is a
major turn on. I'm like, "guys and guys don't turn me on,
why would girls and girls turn you on?" so we argued over
that for a while.

After I got off the phone with Christian, i hung out
with Collete. I miss the way we used to get along so well.
I remember when we were little we were inseparable. We
would always trick our teachers and pretend we were the
other twin, it was such a thrill, i never thought I'd get
tired of having a twin!
Well other than that my day was unexciting! I did talk to
Cole tho about pretending to be her and she will help me
too. yaaay! SO far sounds like a plan!


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