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2002-08-20 02:39:53 (UTC)

day of hero - more things to do

Monday I was in big city. There is many tough people that
go in public transportation. If most people was this country
would be of brave people. But only some people are tough and
bandit assumed. Well I scare them with my sight. I am
corageus because I know tomorrow never comes. I do not wait
for tomorrow.
Well I am helping people better because they believe I am
some eletronic saint. And I could help them in their micro
computer problems. I do not make miracle and I just setted
up small lines in their config. And some draws till they
notice they only need the copy right.In office some customer
will bring the matrix and all those work will show like
I walked in a bike to the neighbourhood town. I got some
biscuits for Mel and her friend. The bike had march and
I do not know how to use it.
Better day for me and my truly friends.