Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-08-20 05:22:58 (UTC)

Welcome to the most fashion-forward, glam rockin', new found way to waste your time on the internet. Brought to you by your friends in Pacifico.

Well, Well, Well...the time is 1:10 am, the date August
20th. Today is Matt Schwartz 23rd birthday and the day that
we decided as a band to start a ridiculous, collage of fun
for the whole family in the form of a live, online diary.
This diary (hopefully) will grab you by the hand and drag
you kicking and screaming through the lives of the 4
members that comprise the prettiest band in the world, and
the best band in the world..the modest models..wait..i mean
the up's the downs, the in's the out's, the rock, the roll,
the ham, the burger, the kool, and the aid that makes us
overly fashion concious,insanely handsome and unbeliveably
witty. Well im gonna pull this first burst of energy i call
an entry to a hault and let you all rest your pretty heads.
Feel free to visit as often as you'd like and drop
questions or comments off to us at anytime...Freddie
Mercury was the greatest rock vocalist of all time..but if
we're talking longevity..then i go with steven tyler. BYE
Matt number two