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2001-07-14 21:00:59 (UTC)

First entry -- woo freakin hoo

Ok, so I'm about 8 months behind the trend, but not I too
have an online diary. Don't I feel super duper special!
Well I guess this is gonna be kinda quick 'cause I have to
go to one of my jobs soon (yes, I have more than
one..ick). I work retail at a place I refer to as The Pit
and as a hostess at the Cheesecake Factory.

Basically here's the ups on me. I'm 20, I'm a student at
UCLA going into my third (And hopefully final) year. I'm
originally from Northern California, but my family moved to
Las Vegas during my freshman year at UCLA. I've got a
sister (Fallon), 3 half sisters (Katie, Kianna, and
Sheridan), a half brother (Philip II, referred to as
Pippy), 5 step sisters (Sha-Nay, Brittney, Meagan, Chelsey,
and Vanessa), and a step brother (Carson). Heh, there'll
be a quiz on that later, m'kay!

So it's Saturday and of course I'm gonna be out partayin.
Tonight is the last show that my band friends are doing for
a while since they're heading back to the studio, since
they're getting mad interest from labels. Of course the
bastards don't bother doing it at an all-ages club, so I am
officially 8 months and 2 days too fuckin young to be
there. They ARE having the usual afterparty though, which
should be fun! Last time I was there about 2 weeks ago, I
was kinda bummed because the LAST party a month before, I
had been with my boyfriend. He broke up with me 2 days
before the party 2 weeks ago. Heh, fuck him though 'cause
I met this cute guy there and my freak on.
Hopefully he'll be there again 'cause his lips were so PELs (and if you don't know what PELs are,
then think to what it means if a guy says a chick has DSLs
and connect the dots).

Ok, so that party is tonight and I'm stoked...other than
that, I'm just working every damn day at ONE of my jobs at
least, tryin to make money 'cause I am one po' ho! This
was supposed to be short, but it's not, so I'm really gonna
go get ready for work now. I'm sure I'll have good stories
to tell tomorrow after the party 'cause as per usual, I'm
sure a few people will do some stupid things. Oh gawd,
party note -- I hope that retarded guy Mark from the
Birthday Suit ( parties isn't
there. Ick, the Albino...he's such an ass!

Ok, peace out party people!

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