Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2001-07-14 20:06:49 (UTC)

Start the Commotion

I love music. Since I downloaded AudioGalaxy, my mp3's
collection has grown from about 10 songs to 88. Not bad
for a week's time! I'm wanting a CD burner now more than
before even! When I get paid Friday, I will definitely go
buy one.

Music is the best therapy in the world! The more I listen
to the upbeat stuff, the better I feel. It's helping me
stay energetic and keep on the weight loss thing too. Who
can sit on their ass without at least moving their
shoulders a little while they're listening to some cool
jams? Kinda like the Eclipse commercial where all the
people are moving around to the music in the car.
*singing* "Get up! Get up! Put the body in motion."
(Thus the title of this entry. Notice the fact that it's
an Eclipse commerical. Not a coincidence! *grins* Have I
mentioned lately that I love my car!?!?!?!)

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