~WoRlD o' ThOuGhTs & DrEaMs~
2001-07-14 20:02:41 (UTC)


Well, i just about woke up. So i am still somewhat
tired. :-) LOL. I came home at about 5:30am this morning
and went to bed so i am still somewhat tired. Lastnight
was an interesting, but kinda boring night.

Ok i hung out with Alexa lastnight. We went and picked up
Jamison and Josh. Then went downtown and met up with these
other girls at 6th and Main. Alexa and i did not want to
hang out with these other girls and Jamison and Josh. We
both thought it was gonna be us 2 and those 2 not us and
all those chicks. I have met those chicks before at
Vinnie's house. One was his younger sister. But still we
just felt challenged being with them. Seeing as how i am
starting to like Jamison i didn't really want him to be
with those other girls and me! But oh well. Neway later
that night it was just Alexa and i and we went down by 6th
and Main at about 2 or so. Gordon and Yasmine were down
there and as i was walkin up to give em a hug and see what
all they were up to i Hugged Gordon and then was gonna hug
Yazmine and the lovely BITCH kelly walks up to him and
wouldn't let me get near him i was soooooo freakin pissed,
oh well. Jason was also down there but i feel weird just
walkin up to him and talking to him if he is with all his
friends and stuff. I don;t think i am weird for that i
donno i just feel like a little girl or something.

Well, that is pretty much my whole night there. We also
went to Kenan's and chilled with him for awhile then came
home and went to sleep. Well, lata if more happens in my
exciting day i will write! adiosness!